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Founder + Host + Teacher

Priya is the founder of PRANA + PLAY, a wellness brand that has been lovingly curated through a slow + evolutionary process - merging her education + life experiences with her passion for travel + movement.


After years of unhealthy habits, which lead to poor health including multiple cancer diagnoses, Priya chose to embark on a journey of holistic wellness to heal herself. Her intuition lead her towards holistic protocols like yoga, meditation, dietary changes, naturopathy, breath-work, bodywork + so much more. It was a calling back to her true-self + into alignment. A divine intervention + a shift out of a state of low vibration. She is now a breast + thyroid cancer survivor, thriving + living cancer-free + happy for over a decade, thanks to the power of holistic healing.

Priya is a Registered Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, Certified Thai Yoga + Reiki Practitioner. After studying Kinesiology + Clinical Massage Therapy, the transition into yoga felt seamless + natural.


Priya  has been coaching + teaching for over 25 years in the areas of movement, yoga, dance, gymnastics, pilates, children's programs + more. She now travels the world sharing her love for movement + devotion to holistic healing with others, through thoughtfully developed retreats + experiences through PRANA + PLAY.



Teachers + Healers + Shamans

Special ceremonies, rituals, classes + experiences hosted by world renowned teachers, healers + shamans.

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