Founder + Host + Teacher + Healer

Priya is our founder and host, and is also a breast and thyroid cancer survivor who used yoga and holistic healing to become healthy and cancer-free.  Since then, she's devoted her life to sharing her personal yoga and wellness practice with others. 

Priya is a registered Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, Certified Thai Yoga and Reiki Practitioner, Sound/Energy Healer, and Kinesiology/Movement Specialist.  Since childhood she has been steeped in the world of movement - dance, gymnastics and sports.  Priya has been coaching and teaching movement for over 25 years.

Priya's knowledge also stretches beyond the tangible.  Her curiosity and intuitive gifts led her into the world of energy healing and Shamanic studies in addition to the various spiritual and esoteric pursuits she's been obsessed with for decades.

Travel, Movement and Spirituality are Priya's lifelong passions and PRANA + PLAY is her true love, purpose and joy in life.  Every retreat is carefully crafted straight from the heart.



Teachers + Healers + Shamans

We will have the opportunity and privilege to participate in special ceremonies, rituals, classes and experiences held by experienced healers, teachers and Shamans from all around the world.